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Дерзай, пока молодой!!!


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    Главная » 2011 » Апрель » 6 » Екатерина, США, Лос-Гатос, Калифорния, с ноября 2007 г.
    Екатерина, США, Лос-Гатос, Калифорния, с ноября 2007 г.

    au pair I feel incredibly lucky to have been assigned to my family in California. California is beautiful and the weather is fantastic! The family with whom I am living has been so welcoming and helpful that my transition has been easy and comfortable. Polina, the 3 year old, that is my primary responsibility, is a sweet and charming child who provides incredible entertainment for us all. She is a delight to be with and taking care of her and teaching her is a joy - not work at all. Stuart and Tanja, Polina's parents, have been helpful, understanding, and instrumental in making me feel welcome. They have encouraged me to take classes in English, to volunteer at Polina's school, to get in better physical condition by enrolling me in a fitness club, and to do anything and everything to learn about my new environment and the U.S. in general. I accompanied them to Utah for Christmas where I learned to ski and since we have returned to California I have begun to ice skate with Polina and to pursue other interests including a few boyfriends. In short my life since I've come to the U.S. has been interesting, educational, and fun.

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