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    Катя, США 2007
    i everybody. My name is Kate, and I’ve came back from USA. I’ve been there for 4 month-it was summer au-pair program.

    The time I spent in USA was fantastic, fabulous and great.

    I lived in Aspen-the greatest sky resort in America. But even in the summer season it’s a great place to visit and to leave. Lots of famous celebrities have houses there. Mountains and lots of trails there give you the opportunate to do sports every day-to tell you the truth I’m crasy about mountains and this was the best place for me to live. I was trying to go hiking almost every day. It’s so beautifull! My family was pretty active too-they had 4 bikes, and were so kind to give me one to use. Wow! Lots of people do biking a lot in that city-so even bikig I made lots of friends there

    I lived in the great family-they were very nice, friendly, open-minded people. My host mum’s name was Cheryl-45 years old good looking, active woman, who loved her job very much. She is a landscaper, so she spend lots of time working. She has 2 boys whom I took care of- 6 and 11 years old boys. And she had a great girlfriend (they are gay)-very active, sporty, kid interesting person. We get together very well. But I can’t say I saw them much-they were both very busy, but anyway we spent great time going out for dinner, or sometimes for hiking. Every Sunday we had volleyball party-I met lots of great,interesting people. Can’t say that I’m a good volleyball player-but till the end of summer I became better

    I can’t say it was a real job. My duties were to take them to different courses (golf, baseball, football for elder boy, swimming lessons, tee ball). I had a big car, which I used in both ways-for me and my boys and just for myself. But the only thing I did - I put the gas when I used the car for long distances for myself. The thing I liked about my family-it’s that we became friends and we had no rules. My host mum trusted me in every decision. So I was making our time spending together as busy and funny as I could. I was trying to keep my boys active (the place we lived was full of open air activities). Thou our house was very big and we really liked to spend time jumping on the trampoline, we spent more time somewhere in the parks, mountains, open swimming pools, playing just in town and so and so and so.

    I was very lucky with my free time. My host mum is divorced, so we were sharing the kids with their father. He lived not far away from us, so every time I took the boys to his house. I was working 2 days one week, and 5 days the other week, so I had lots of free time (spending it as much fun as could-I was climbing the mountains, biking various trails in town, shopping, visiting new places of interest-adjacent cities with my friends, just going out and doing all the crazy thing that Ukrainian girl can do first time in America) The people in America as a whole, and in Aspen taken separately are so nice, kind, friendly and interesting. First few weeks I was a little bit confused, because I knew anybody. 5 days I had no kids, because they were at their fathers’ place, and my family was almost all the time busy. So I’ve decided not to waste my time and make some contacts-almost everywhere you go, people are trying to talk to you, smiling to you, if you need help, there are always happy to help you. Almost everybody were asking me where I came from (I don’t know how they recognize that you are not American, maybe too beautiful for American girl joking). I called my LAR manager, and she showed me the town, gave all the e-mails and numbers of all the au-pairs in the area-the girls were very nice, we became friends from the first days we met. I still keep in touch with lots of them. Germany, Peru, Quebec, and other countries-so interesting to have dinner all together at someone’s house and trying to understand each other, talking about each country, watching American films(with subtitles) and trying to understand what’s going on there on the screen, making tradition meals (to tell you the truth every time I wanted to make our "blini” they were mostly like cakes, maybe because of the flour, or eggs, or smth else). Now I know how to make American caesar salad and sandwiches, German bread, the macaroni salad from the country I don’t remember

    Also I attended English courses, where I made lots of friends among other au-pairs and people all around the world.

    Cheryl (my host mum) was so nice to take me with them on vacation. We went to the dudes’ ranch-the place where we rode the horses every day, fishing, did archery, hiking, playing games. I was also invited to visit New York with my host mum on her friends’ private plane. It was awesome-the trip and the place were just fabulous!

    The last 2 week I spent traveling: Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Las Angeles. I thing everybody can imagine what it means to see all this places. Las Vegas is a place to have fun-I was there with 2 Ukrainian girls, whom I met in aspen. Wow. Time of fun, parting (getting little drunkI’m already 21) Santa Barbara is a paradise on a earth! I made very beautiful trips there-special thanks too all people who took me there and showed how the life should be. To tell the ruth-all the people I met were very nice and kind and friendly to me. Than I went to LA-I visited a couple from Ukraine too-they live there, but I met the in aspen.

    So, I really want to tell everybody, who hasn’t made a decision yet to go or not to go-no doubt, it’s a great opportunity to see the world, to see and to meet new friend and interesting people. I really want to thank oleg and olesja, and the au-pair agency in cherkasi, who helped me to make this trip.

    Hope sometimes, when I’ll become rich and famous I’ll come to visit aspen and all the place I visited: )

    PS:::: I forgot to worn everyone who is going to visit USA. The only negative part in my trip is…that I out on 7 kilos!!!! Horrible

    PPS:::The next worning is:DON’T TAKE A LOT OF CLOTHS WITH YOU there. I’ve spent in USA only 4 month, on my way back I had a problem-I had 4 suitcases, and the airport has limits for the luggage. So I’ve spent something about 300$ to sheep some cloths and stuff of mineImust say, shopping there is such an excitement

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