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Дерзай, пока молодой!!!


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    Лиза, Украина- США, 2007

    Hi, I`m so glad to grt letter from you.

    I`m fine, the family i live in is very good, they treat me as the elder child and I try to do my best as well.

    You can give my e-mail to girls who are gonna to fly to the USa and I`ll try to help them here to get accustomed, surely

    they are supposed to live nearby.

    Maryna and I became the real friends, but I take contacts with Tanya, Dasha and Natasha. We go out sometimes, but really I

    spend my free time with Maryna, she hepled me a lot and now we`re like sisters.

    Greet Oleg, Happy Thanksgiving day

    See you later

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