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Дерзай, пока молодой!!!


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    Виктория, Украина- США, 2007

    Hi Olesja!
    Im so sorry for writting you so late. but as u said im so busy and too happy now. my family great (through i chanched first one, i dont know whether u know or not). npw i have 3 kids!!!! but they are just great. Its Grason 7, Mark 3, and little princes Ava 17 monthes. And my hostmama Robyn. im so happy im here. Aspen - is a great place, here u can meet people from different countries. they come here to ski and snowboard. I even tried snowboarding once. its so great!!!! Though its very expensive to live here :(, but its so beautiful here!!!!!!
    my hostmom has 2 Aupairs! so i have a roommate. we live not in a house (whot is great!!!!), we live in a cottagge, 30 seconds walk from the house. My roommate's name's Rikke, she is from Denmark. but she's leaving home in 2 weeks, so we are expecting new girl. She's from Russia!!! Hope we'll find much in common.

    i'll send u a couple of peactures with me.

    and if there are any girls from Ukraine in Aspen, or at leatr in Colorado state can u give them my e-mail? and i dont mind about other's girls' letters. if they have any questions they are more then wellcome to ask me.

    Best wishes from USA!!!!!!!!

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